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Welcome to my website! I am excited to be in direct contact with my readers. I'll be able to tell you about up-coming speaking engagements and articles, information about my books and how to obtain them as well as some personal insights that may interest you. Although I live in a small town in western North Carolina, my life feels very full. I have a new story in progress, six grandchildren to enjoy (the oldest is 6) and continue to work on screenplays with my son Sean, who is an actor/writer.

My husband Ben and I love to travel and are presently planning a 40th anniversary trip to Iona, an island in the Hebrides off the coast of Scotland, and to Glendalough in Ireland. One of our last adventures was a trip to Turkey where Ben swam the Hellespont in the Dardanelles, the strait that connects the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. He's written a book about it for the grandchildren to read when they are older. In SWIMMING THE HELLESPONT he tells about the founding of Islam, a little mythology, some modern Turkish history, his training for the swim and how his high school English teacher planted the seed in his mind 45 years ago by telling him about Lord Byron's swim in 1810. Ordering information for this book and my books can be found in the Resources section.

My new story, tentatively titled OUT WITH THE BOYS, is about two boys who are in love with the same girl. Parts of the story are told by the girl in first person and the rest is in third person. I try to explore a different writing technique in each of my books. Since my last book ALL WE KNOW OF HEAVEN was written in multiple voices I decided to limit the "heard" voice to just one, the voice of Amanda who is telling her part of the story in the present tense. I think it'll be a good read! To read an excerpt from OUT WITH THE BOYS or one of my published books, click on MY BOOKS and then the title.

Reading with daughter Bennett at our cousin Mary Virginia's art exhibit opening in Washington, D.C.